The Protein Myth

Vegans know the struggle. At some point, you’ll need or will tell the person you are talking to, that you only eat plant-based. The shock on those faces. Priceless! “But where do you get your protein from?” OMG, this question! It gets asked just as much as “But you do eat fish, right?” Just to... Continue Reading →

Easter Brunch as a Vegan

Easter: Check, done and over. Apart from Christmas, Easter is a time where we stuff ourselves with lots and lots of food at family gatherings, eat too much chocolate and drink to many Mimosas. Right? Or maybe this used to be, before we went vegan? Nowadays many people ask us, if we can even celebrate... Continue Reading →

Product Review Soapwalla

Today’s post is all about smelling good. A pretty touchy subject. Something nobody really wants to talk about. But hey – we’re all human. So let’s get cracking! Who doesn’t have these situations in life, where we need additional protection against sweat and body odor. Doesn’t matter if you’re hitting the gym or heading to... Continue Reading →

It’s time to think about our oceans

In our last blogpost about environment we talked about how animal agriculture harms our environment in more than one way. We especially tried to point out the water consumption needed to entertain animal agriculture, so we can have so much meat and dairy products in our stores, we can’t even consume all of it. A... Continue Reading →

Vegan for the environment

You’ve always wondered, why vegans say they eat plant-based because of the environment. Isn’t it just because of the animals? Environment is an extremely good reason to go vegan. It’s shocking, when you start informing yourself about animal agriculture and its impact on our world. But let’s start with the basics. How much water does... Continue Reading →

Just a trend?

Veganuary, #'s on Instagram, Vegan cookbooks as bestsellers: Everybody's talking about it. 2018 seems to be the year for vegans. Not only did and does the amount of vegans worldwide increase massivly. But also there a continously more options for vegans such as in restaurants, fast food lunch spots, groceries and in personal hygiene. Sure,... Continue Reading →

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