What to do on Ibiza

Ibiza – what a beautiful little island in the middle of the Mediterranean Sea. Cristal blue water, white sand beaches, rural countryside and endless hours of sunshine. This island has so much to offer. Ibiza is not only for the rich and famous with huge yachts – which by the way are so impressive – and the expensive parties. This little place is also perfect for nature lovers and hippies. The calm ocean stands in contrast to the sharp and steep cliffs, which draws a picture of pure beauty and harmony.

We enjoyed a long weekend on Ibiza and thought we’d put together a guide on what to do and see. If you wanna check out where we found delicious vegan options – here’s where we ate.

How to get to places

If you’re not in Ibiza for partying, we highly recommend renting a car. It’ll make life so much easier (except the parking situation). Our Airbnb host told us NOT to rent a car from the big companies and NOT to get the car at the airport. Apparently it’s chaos pure and if you’re not lucky, you’ll have to wait for up to 4 hours. So we got a taxi which took us right into town. There we went to a rental company and got the car right there. No queuing. It’s a bit hectic and very Spanish – but hey, relax, you’re on a sunny island. Just be aware that some companies apparently like to rip off tourists with an empty petrol tank and insurances.

Where to stay

Airbnb all the way! Hotels and apartments are really expensive during high season. Airbnb isn’t cheap either but we’ve only had good experiences so far. We stayed at a great place with a fantastic view! The host was super friendly and helped us with the rental car company and gave us great tips.

What to do

Here’s what we did and can highly recommend.

We went for a 11km hike up on the north-east shore of Ibiza. A part of the hike is right on the coast along the steep cliffs. Here you can see the real beauty of the ocean and the island. If you go, please were closed shoes! The rocks are really sharp and we came along some guys in flip flops, one of them had his whole foot cut open, cause he slipped. Also bring a lot of water. The trail is right out in the blazing hot sun. But it’s absolutely worth it! Starting point is at Cala Xarraca. The path leads up from the dirt parking lot into the bushes along the coast.

Check out Ses Salines Beach
Be there really early! The beaches in Ibiza fill up so quickly – you’ll want a spot to yourselves. Also the early mornings are much quieter and not so hot.

We walked along the beach till the cliffs started and ended up at the lighthouse. The water along this walk is just breathtaking.

Ibiza Old Town
The town of Ibiza is so cute! All these narrow streets filled with life, music, restaurants, shops. But it didn’t loose any of its charm. The white houses with the colorful doors and all the plants and flowers. Just take some time and stroll around the old town. And go up onto the wall. It’s got a great view from up there.

Las Dalias Hippy Market
If you’re in Ibiza on a Saturday – the hippy market is a lot of fun. It fills up quite quickly, but people come and go all day. There are huge parking lots which you’ll need to pay for. Just roam around the market and enjoy the jewelry booths and the hippy clothes. There is live music and some food places. The whole atmosphere is what makes it special.

Rent a car and explore the island
We drove around the island and found some magnificent lookouts. Ibiza has winding roads that take you up onto the hills and down to all the small beautiful bays.

So we do enjoy a great party once in a while – where you can just let loose and dance throughout the night. And Ibiza is known for its legendary parties. But if you’re more like us and don’t like masses of people (the size of these clubs… no words for that), drugs and waiting till 3am till the party starts – not so much what we wanted to do. We explicitly chose not to go to these massive clubs Ibiza is known for – therefore we cannot really state our opinion. But thankfully Ibiza has alternatives to offer. So we chose to head out to bars instead. They are much more low key and relaxed. You’ll find a lot of bars in Ibiza Old Town. We really enjoyed S’Escalinata, as you could sit on bean bags on the stairs and enjoy the stars and watching all the people.

Also, we did try out the day time “partying” at Destinos. This is an upper class hotel which has a free – YES FREE – pool party every day. The place has a great view and it is super fun to watch all the different ways how people express themselves. What I loved most about this place was, that everybody could just be themselves. Wanna party in a bikini or in a super fancy latex suite. Do you want glitter in your face or walk around with 10 inch stilettos. Everybody’s welcome here. And it’s a very #insta place. The music was very mainstream club music, which was a bit boring and the drinks were…. Bloody expensive! We’ve never paid so much for two coronas! But it was fun going for a while. We did head out at some point, cause we wanted to get back to the bars in Ibiza town.

So yeah, if you’re in Ibiza for 3 days and wanna see more than just to tourist hotspots, we hope you’ll find this list helpful. Also, if you’re looking for tips where to eat as a vegan – here are some of our restaurant recommendations.

I’ll keep on dreaming of this fantastic weekend! Have a great day!


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