Vegan for the environment

You’ve always wondered, why vegans say they eat plant-based because of the environment. Isn’t it just because of the animals? Environment is an extremely good reason to go vegan. It’s shocking, when you start informing yourself about animal agriculture and its impact on our world. But let’s start with the basics. How much water does... Continue Reading →

Delicious vegan Lemon Cake

Lemon cakes are super simple to make. But also if you wanna turn it into a vegan treat? Sure! Here's our easy and delicious recipe: You'll need 300g whole wheat flower 1 tsp baking powder 110g cane sugar Zest of one lemon 100g (3.5oz) olive oil 1 vanilla bean 240g coconut yoghurt 50g margarine (vegan)... Continue Reading →

Top 4 Sights in Arizona

A couple of years back we had the roadtrip of a lifetime! We travelled through the United States for three months and saw some of the most unique, breath-taking places this world has to offer. We weren't vegan yet in 2014, but we did watch out what we ate and were actually living a very... Continue Reading →

Just a trend?

Veganuary, #'s on Instagram, Vegan cookbooks as bestsellers: Everybody's talking about it. 2018 seems to be the year for vegans. Not only did and does the amount of vegans worldwide increase massivly. But also there a continously more options for vegans such as in restaurants, fast food lunch spots, groceries and in personal hygiene. Sure,... Continue Reading →

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