Healthy vegan spinach lasagna

In the beginning one of the hardest parts about being a vegan was not being able to eat lasagna any more. As this was one of our favorite dishes, we started experimenting to veganize this meal. Therefore, we’ve created this super simple vegan lasagna recipe and would love to share it with you. Lasagna takes time,... Continue Reading →

Easy and light vegan dessert

Do you know the feeling, when you’ve got guests over, prepared a super delicious meal and then nobody has room for dessert, cause they’re all full already? We have THE solution for you. Our quick and light vegan dessert with cream, chocolate chip cookies and berries is gonna solve your “I’m too full for dessert” problem.... Continue Reading →

Dinner is served

Sweet potatoes are the best kind of potatoes! They are the hero of every vegan’s BBQ, they are soul food and healthy food all in one. It’s perfect food for after a long run and it’s just delicious, in any way. They are awesome to serve guests and everybody appreciates them. We know one person,... Continue Reading →

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